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Trading Path Mapping

Trading Path Mapping: What we're working on these days June 2019 We are working on our opus, tentatively titled Finding Ways....  It will consist of a narrative chapter or two on how, where, and why to find old roads. There'll be a chapter on the general subject of evolved commercial routes in the southeast and, then, there will be six to eight route tours intended to guide the curious to visible remnants of the old routes. So far we have a fair handle on "The Carolina Trail," "The Occaneechi Trail", "The Great Wagon Road," "Thigpen's Trace (AKA "The Trading Path to the Catawba," shown on the Moseley Map of 1733. Just to make it fun we will include chapters on Governor Tryon's movements during the War of the Regulation, and the routes of the "The Race to the Dan." If there is time and energy enough we would like to include a tour of the routes used to penetrate the Albemarle District, North Carolina's fir