Videos of slide shows on early Carolina History, pre-contact through 1754

Four Presentations on Early Carolina History

The Trading Path Association is grateful for the Orange County Hstorical Museum producing these presentations. And for their ongoing support of our work.

First Contact:1624-1700 Tells how indigenous societies traded extensively, had sophisticated diplomacy, contracting methods, and struck up trade with practically every maritime vessel that entered the Sounds. They turned the Sounds into a major replenishment haven for privateers and pirates.

First Permanent Settlement: 1650s-1705 Identifies Carolina's first settlers and first permanent settlement, religious refugees sheltering behind the Dismal Swamp from abuses byRoyalist, VA and Catholic MD.

Moving Into the Back Country: 1705-1754 Describes how the first settlers, displaced by Anglicans once again escape into the backcountry, the piedmont zone, and sheltered indigenous folk from slave raiders. Touching on the varieties of Quakers in NC and the importance of their differences.

The Lasting Impacts of North Carolina's First Settlers: Reviews Carolina and North Carolina history from 1624-1754 and identifies some of the impacts yet visible in North Carolina, the "vale of humility between two mountains of conceit."


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